Sky tower




Sky Tower is named after Auckland's iconic waterfront building. It is a climbing rose with large, impressive clusters of hot pink flowers.

These hot pink blooms are produced in mass and glow like a beacon from any point in the garden. Flowers come in large clusters. It is often possible to pick one stem and have a perfect floral arrangement. The foliage is large and luxuriant and is a striking feature on its own.


  • Best Climbing Rose, Hamilton Trial Grounds, New Zealand.


Classification: Climber

Flower Colour: Hot Pink

Flower Size: 90 - 100mm

Petal Count: 15 - 20

Hight: 2.8 - 3m

Habit: Vigorous

Fragrance: 1

Disease Resistance: Excellent

Year of Release: 2004

Introducer: Glenavon Roses Ltd.


Fragrance guide 1 = Little or none; 5 = Very Strong