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Here are some news articles so you can keep up with what Rob and his roses are getting up to 

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New zealand rose of the year

Click below to learn more about the New Zealand rose of the year and other roses awarded prizes at the Hamilton Gardens Rose Festival 2018


NZ rose society Award

Click below to learn more about the New Zealand Rose society award Rob was recently awarded in Hamilton.

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ROb on radiolive

Head to the Radiolive website to listen to Rob talk about breading roses and the Hamilton trials. This can be found under the ‘Home and Garden’ section under ‘Roses are out in colour’.


ROb is Heading to Dunedin

Click the link below to find out about Rob travelling to Dunedin and his up and coming rose 'Otago University'.

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Hayward college

Click below to find out more about the rose 'Hayward college' bred by Rob for the silver jubilee of Otago University's Hayward College


Palmerston north trial grounds 2017

Click below to see the results of the Palmerston north trial grounds and see how Rob got on

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2017 Rose of the year

Click below to find out more about the winning roses at the 2017 Pacific Rose Bowl Festival at the Hamilton Gardens.


Palmerston north rose trials 2016

Click below to find out how Rob went at the 2016 international trials in Palmerston North.


rose of the year 2016

Click below to read more about how Rob got on at the Hamilton Garden trial grounds in 2016