Scent to remember


Scent to remember.jpg


Attractive, peachy apricot blooms with a sweet fruity fragrance, on a medium sized bush. An ideal home gardener's picking rose.

Blooms are a peach and apricot blend with the underside of the petal being darker, which gives the rose a two-tone effect as the bloom opens. The colour intensifies during warmer weather. Scent to Remember has a very strong appealing sweet fruity fragrance. Flowers almost continuously. It is rare not to have blooms to cut and bring inside. Small deep green shiny foliage smothers the plant. This rose was selected as a Hospice Fundraiser Rose and has so far raised thousands of dollars for palliative care. We hope it will continue to do so in the future.


Classification: Floribunda

Flower Colour: Peach/Apricot

Flower Size: 110mm

Petal Count: 35 - 40

Hight: 1.3 - 1.5m

Habit: Dense and upright

Fragrance: 5

Disease Resistance: Very Good

Year of Release: 2006

Introducer: Glenavon Roses Ltd.


Fragrance guide 1 = Little or none; 5 = Very Strong