Kaimai sunset




A climbing rose featuring rustic copper flower buds that open to unique velvety terracotta shaded blooms.

A very uniquely coloured climber, starting with rustic copper flower buds, opening to velvety terracotta shaded blooms that can be presented on single stems or in clusters. In the cooler spring and autumn periods more of the dark copper colour is present. It produces masses of blooms which are well complemented by a backdrop of abundant dark glossy foliage. It has a lax growth habit making it easy to train on a fence or wall.


  • Best Climber, Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand (2002)


Classification: Climber

Flower Colour: Rustic Copper with Terracotta shades

Flower Size: 90mm

Petal Count: 30 - 35

Hight: 3 - 3.5m

Habit: Lax

Fragrance: 1

Disease Resistance: Average

Year of Release: 2002

Introducer: Glenavon Roses Ltd.


Fragrance guide 1 = Little or none; 5 = Very Strong